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ATC Audio’s UMASS Football Stadium Install

Community Pumps Up UMass Minutemen

Amherst, MA – After almost a decade of near-legendary bad sound, the University of Massachusetts has upgraded the sound system at Warren McGuirk Alumni Stadium, its 17,000-seat football stadium in Amherst, Massachusetts. Fans of the UMass Minutemen, 2007 CAA Champs, have been treated to an audio system upgrade that brings new excitement to their games.

ATC Audio in Springfield, MA has installed a pair of Community R6-51 full-range multi-driver vertical array loudspeakers, along with two RSH-462 exponential focused array horn systems. The two loudspeakers and two horns have replaced the stadium’s previous system of more than ten paging horns, delivering vastly improved intelligibility for announcements and better musical fidelity as well. The biamped system is powered by Crown CTS-Series amplification, with DSP handled by dbx processing.

“The old horns had always been a bit of a problem in terms of intelligibility,” says ATC’s President Tony Caliento. “And after ten years of Massachusetts winters, they had certainly seen better days, and were pretty much beyond repair.”

Caliento says the stadium administrators were a bit skeptical when they saw ten horns being replaced by only two horns and two speakers, but it didn’t take long to convince them. “We knew the Community horns were powerful enough that two would do the trick, but adding the R6 speakers also gave them a really nice music playback system,” he notes. “When we fired the system up and put on some music, the team was totally psyched up within about a minute. And it was the first game anyone could remember where people in the stands weren’t asking each other what the announcer had just said.”

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Community has been a leading supplier of professional sound systems since 1968. Headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania, Community distributes its products to over fifty countries on six continents and can be found at www.communitypro.com. Contact: Grace Paoli ● 610-876-3400 x 106 ● E-mail: gpaoli@communitypro.com

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